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DXN Spirulina in Pakistan

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DXN Spirulina in Pakistan

Dxn spirulina in Pakistan Produces Spiralling From The Cultivation Process To Finished Goods. Is Naturally Cultivated Using Selected Best Species. It Is Cultivated In A Clean Pond And No Pesticides Or Herbicides Are Applied. It Is Available In Tablet And Capsule Forms To Suit Your Needs.


Spirulina Platensis, Talc, Calcium Carbonate, Acacia

Recommended Consumption:

6 Tablets Per Day


Stimulates Immune System To Destroy Invading Disease Organisms And Carcinogens.
Potentiates The Immune System With Its Anti-tumour, Anti-viral And Interferon Inducing Effects.
Helps To Sanitation The Bowel By Detoxifying The Colon And Promoting The Growth Of Friendly Bacteria.


Repair Tissues:

Promotes Tissue Repair In Wounds And Burns And Has Anti-infectious Properties.
Decreases Cholesterol Levels And Helps To Lower The Risk Of Cardiovascular Disease.
Works As An Anti-inflammatory, Helping To Reduce The Inflammation Characteristic Of Arthritis.


Helps To Balance Rna/dna (Nucleic Acids) Curbs The Appetite And Helps To Stimulate The Metabolism.
Works Like An Antioxidant In Detoxifying The Body Of Pollutants.
Cleansing: Spirulina Promotes The Body’s Natural Cleansing Processes. You Feel Fitter, More Cheerful, And You Have More Energy.
Restoring: Spirulina Compensates For Deficiencies In The Diet And Stimulates The Metabolism. Your Physical Condition Improves Noticeably And You Recover Faster After Exertion.
Fortifying: Spirulina Boosts Resistance And Activates The Body’s Natural Defence Mechanisms. You Feel Stronger And Are Better Able To Cope With The Pressures Of Everyday Life.it Gives More Energy To Every Living Creature And Is Said To Be A Cure To Allergies, Visual Problems, Carbohydrate Disorders, Anaemia And Many Other Disease Conditions.


The Above Mentioned Products Are Herbal Food Supplements Designed To Assist In The Maintenance Of General Well- Being Through Regular Use. The Information Have Not Been Evaluated By The Food And Drug Administration. These Product Are Not Intended To Diagnose, Treat, Cure, Or Prevent Any Disease. Dxn Does Not Condone Or Advocate Self-diagnosis Or Self-medication In Any Way. If You Have A Condition Which Requires Medical Diagnosis And Treatment, It Is Important That You Visit Your Healthcare Professional.


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