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DXN Cordyceps in Pakistan

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DXN Cordyceps in Pakistan

DXN Cordyceps in Pakistan Is Pulverized Cordyceps Powder (450 Mg Capsules). As A Dietary Supplement, It Contains Cordycep Acid, Cordycepin, Polysachharides And Vitamin B12. It Supports Healthy Blood Circulation And Helps Maintain Healthy Kidney Function.

Naturally Increased Vitality Without Side Effects

Dxn Cordyceps Capsules Are Made From A Precious Medicinal Mushroom Known As Cordyceps Sinensis (Chinese Caterpillar Mushroom). This Fungus Is Found Naturally In The Highlands Of China, Tibet And Nepal.

Ingredients :

Cordyceps Sinesis 450 Mg, Other Ingredients: Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose.


Circulation Problems, To Maintain Healthy Kidney Function And Respiratory System.

Recommended Consumption: 1-3 Capsules Per Day

How Do I Benefit?

Are Extremely Beneficial For Respiratory And Circulatory System And Enhance Mental And Physical Strength. Chinese Caterpillar Mushroom Called ’viagra Of The Himalayas’. And Its Sexual Function Improving Effect For Both Genders.

Who Can Take?

It Is Suitable For All Ages Except Infants. Do Not Be Fooled By The Bizarre Name: No Caterpillars Or Butterflies Are Involved In Any Part Of The Cultivation Process. The Medicinal Mushroom Filling Of The Capsules Are Grown On Rice Husk. Read Some Interesting Facts About The Origins Of Corduroys Here.

How Many Take?

Use only 1-3 Capsules Per Day if you areNormal Health Condition And Lifestyle. Try to drink water frequently.This Ensure Better Absorption And More Effective Detoxification As Well.

Item Specifics :

Formulation : Capsules

Brand: Dxn

Expiration Date : + Two Years

Contains: Cordyceps Sinesis 450 Mg, Other Ingredients: Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose.

Country/Region Of Manufacture : Malaysia

Food Specifications: Organic

Packaging Size:
450mg x 60 capsules
300mg x 120 tablets


The Above Mentioned Products Are Herbal Food Supplements Designed To Assist In The Maintenance Of General Well- Being Through Regular Use. The Information Have Not Been Evaluated By The Food And Drug Administration. Dxn Does Not Condone Or Advocate Self-diagnosis Or Self-medication In Any Way. If You Have A Condition Which Requires Medical Diagnosis And Treatment, It Is Important That You Visit Your Healthcare Professional.


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